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Default What is a spirit and how does an incarnation take place?

What is a spirit and how does an incarnation take place?

39. According to the Ancients, a spirit (good or evil) is CONSCIOUS GASES that can
produce spirit gases from blood or water in order to emanate. There are two kinds of
spirit Ė ETHER AND GHOST (St Matthew 3 chapter 11 verse), and these two forces
represent the opposites Ė the living and dead, black and white, Sun and Moon, and so on.
Whether a spirit is good or evil depends on whom it is for or against. A spirit can be
good at one time and evil at another time. It is considered a good spirit to those itís for
and an evil spirit
to those it is against ó regardless of whether it is Ether or Ghost. Of course, a spirit is good to those it helps and evil to those it harms.

40. However, Ether can produce Ghost but Ghost can not produce Ether, just as BLACK
PEOPLE can produce ALBINOS but albinos can not produce Black People. Therefore,
Ghost is the spirit (God) of albinos (Caucasians) and thereby spellbinding others for
Caucasians, and Ether is the spirit (the God) for Black People. According to the
Ancients, Ether looks like fire or black smoke, and Ghost looks like fog. Ghost is water
spirit and Ether is fire spirit ó Unquenchable Fire. An albino goes through a GHOST
PROCESS during his or her gestation period in the motherís womb, and that process
greatly lessens color pigmentation in the skin when the child is an offspring of Black
Parents, as in the case of Cain. The Moon God is GHOST SPIRIT.
41. Since spirits are gas forces, they can enter a personís body at will and leave at will.
Of course, an incarnation is a spirit God in the flesh. According to the Ancients, an
incarnation takes place this way: A person can be engendered only by a fleshly father and
fleshly mother, and the person predestined to become God will be contacted by voices
and visions (mental contact). During the mental contacts, there may be an offer made for
the person to
accept or reject. The person usually accepts the offer because he is usually in no position
to reject it.

42. When the offer is accepted, the spirit forces themselves make physical contact and
they become incarnate by seeping through the flesh to the lung, and from there they dilate
themselves throughout the flesh and blood of the person, then the person and the spirit
forces (spirit God) are in the same image and likeness. The God becomes the image of
the person and the person becomes the likeness of the God. The person to that the spirit
forces chose to become a God is usually a person of a royal lineage. If that man fathers a
son after the spirit forces incarnate throughout his flesh and blood, the child is the SON
OF MAN (the man who fathered him) and the SON OF GOD (the God that incarnate in
the man).

Taken from the book, B.I.A.E Pt1 pg29 copyright 1967 by Amunubi Rahkaptah

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Default How many spirit forces are there?

spirit forces

Question: you mentioned spirit forces. What are the spirit forces?

Ans: The spirit forces are:

1- Ether Spirit Force Equals = Demonic forces.
2- Ether Spirit Force Equals = Reptilians, Amphibians of the sea.
3- Ether Spirit Force Equals = Mammals, Animals of the Sea and Earth.
4- Ether Spirit Force Equals = Ape Man - Homo-Genus.
5- Ether Spirit Force Equals = Mankind, The Caucasoid Beast of the field. Goat Fur- Death the Devil. Homo-Erectus Canines.
6- Ether Spirit Force Equals = Fire, Un-Holy. It originates from the Draco Star constellation called Hades or Hell, The Evil.
7- Ether Spirit Force Equals = Earth, Un-Holy, Goat Fur , Disease, Mixed seeds (Indians) Homo-Sapien.
8- Ether Spirit Force Equals = Water, Unholy, Goat Fur, sick - Mongoloids (Simian).
9- Ether Spirit Force Equals = Wind, Holy - Lambs Hair, Health, Negroid Eternal Life, From the Sirius star constellation, The Good Spirit Force.

9- Ether forces originate from the Orion star constellation and is referred to in the bible as Heaven, Orion, The Seven Heavens, Eloheem (Seraphim (Isaiah 6:2) And Cherubim (Genesis 3:24) Children of Yahweh (Thrones) (Daniel 4:17).

Taken from the scroll entitled - Are there black devils? Author Dr. Malachi Z. York
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Default Spirit forces in vodoun & yoruba

I have walk with atum-re during previous schools what i know now is a extention of what i was learning then and now i see the connection.inmy bloodline i have those who practise voudou and i have been invited by the lwa spirits to embrace them but i also made a link with the nezdiru who i have as my ruling dieties.atum-re said that spirt forces do not follow the same line of reason as humans and that they also must be check against sound right reasoning what do u think he meant?

Its interesting because in the ancient spirtiual systems after egipt our ancestors were call ipon a certain way and sometimes when they came we would take on their characteristics like the god of war ogou who is equivalent to heru tends to be bold agressive and oya who is a female incarnates into a man he shows femeine qualities may be mistaken for homosexual which is also the qualities of a shaman

i wanted to know whats the difference between wu-nuwapu and our ancient spiritual practices? One represents the worship of spirts and the other the worship of self or our own minds
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Thumbs up Great Post And Lesson Re9

Salutations Re9,
Thank you for the post and lessons.
More please!!!

- Maat Re -
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Default spirits incarnated

hetepu nezdir you can contact me at golfus30@yahoo.com we can exchange numbers maybe or information
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Default Incarnation (Avatar)


Incarnation means ‚Äúto become flesh.‚ÄĚ In the book of John, the reader learns that the Word became flesh and made its dwelling among us (Immanuel), who came from above, full of grace and truth. In Sanskrit, the "passing over" or "crossing over" of a Soul/Spirit into the Earth is called "Avatar (he crosses over)." In the Metu Neter, the incarnation of God in Flesh is called Neterkhet (God in Flesh). Scientifically, Pineal gland development in a human embryo appears approximately in 49 days (4 + 9 = 13), which is also the amount of time it takes a Soul/Spirit to incarnate from one world and onto the next one. In the context of hours, the incarnation of a Soul/Spirit from one world and onto the next one is 1170 hours. Not only does this value resonates well with the number of minutes of arc for a tetrahedron at 19.5 degrees (1170 minutes of arc) North and South latitudes, but also I can extract the fundamental value 117, which resonates with the seven-lettered word NUWAUPU. The product for 117 is 13 x 9. This product corresponds with MC^2, which is symbolically the speeding up of mass/matter utilizing the speed of light as the catalyst. The formula itself symbolizes the metabolic reaction of consciousness. It is separated into anabolism, a process that results in the consumption of energy, and catabolism, a process that releases energy.


Pa Neter Ra (Heru Neterkhet)
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13 x 9 (MC^2)
Pa Neter Ra
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9 x 13
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