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Science For The 9mind Leave Scientific Facts, Findings, Comments, Including Questions And Answers To Wu-Nuwaupu.

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Default Nature of Wholes

Great Peace!

What have the parts to do with the whole?

Pa Neter Ra (Amaru Chan, Son of Ra Atum)

The whole is greater than the sum of its constituents. Arithmetically, the Wadjet, also known as the Horus fractions, validates this in ratio form. The ratio or fraction 63/64 equals point 984375, which is less than unity or one. To take this a step further, the digit sum for the result is 9+8+4+3+7+5 = 36 = 3+6 = 9. As you know, the number 9 represents fullness and 9 to the 9th power of 9 exemplifies the Nubian Mind, Sound Right Reason, NUWAUPU (117 = 1+1+7 = 9).

Whosoever has an ear, let him comprehend (Matthew chapter 13 verse 9).

In Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom, Justice, Equality
A Master of Time
9 x 13 (NUWAUPU)
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13
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