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Originally Posted by KEN29 View Post

in our book entitled 'the family guide' it states'we see homosexuals as human beings with their own sexual preference' i hopr that answer your question.

In my ra search i found out that homosexuals just like heterosexuals are extentions of the primordial hermorphadite which pre-dated gender beings as we know it, male charateristic and fe-male like a atom or cell when split it becomes a pair,in the sacred record of tehuti it states under the law of gender that'if the most high created opposites like male & fe-male there must be a abstract to that opposite which means their must be 'he-male or shemale'

in ancient egiptian text ra is call andogyneous meaning having male & fe-male qualities,some may say well it depends on how you look at it but my point is that the fact that homo-sexuals exist means they were originally part of creation and or existence which means to me if they are nubian of a ancesrtal lineage & have homosexual lifesyle then yes they can be a nuwaubian and as long as they have a spirt and soul they can aspire back to all papaut
Thank you for your post. One question. Does the scroll actually say "he-male and she-male"? Cause as a transgender/intersexed woman I hate the term she-male. I'm just wondering. I have always thought of it as a pornography industry term.
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