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Default Rightness, Suffering, and Liberation

Greetings Researchers, Ontologists, and Kosmosans…

Today I will speak to you about suffering. It is defined as a state or experience of a person that suffers. Suffering does exist and it results from ones attachment or clinging to desires. However, suffering ceases to exist when attachment or clinging to desires no longer continues. Liberation from suffering is achievable with the application of Nuwaupu (9 x 13) or Wu Nuwaupu, which is also known as Nuwaubu. Refer to the Mind Scroll: From the Unreal to the Real. We learn today, as our parents have ascertained in the past that Nuwaupu stands for Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, and Right Over-standing. Like the trifold of the Noble Eightfold Path prescribed in the medicine teachings of Buddha, the three degrees of Nuwaupu (e.g., Wu-Nupu, Asu-Nupu, and Naba-Nupu or Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, and Right Over-standing) is the way to the detachment or the cessation of suffering and the way to realization/actualization of self-awakening. In fact, the word Buddha comes from the Sanskrit word Bodhi (awaken one). Close examination of the Sanskrit word Bodhi (BDH) shows that the idea is cognizant of the mdw ntrw word PTH or PTAH (the opener). PTAH is often shown as a man with a punt beard, wrapped up like a mummy; but his hands are free to grip a great scepter made up of three symbols indicating,
  • Power (Was)
  • Life (Ankh)
  • Stability (Djed)
Sometimes PTAH (BODHI) wears an azure skullcap crown and stands on the hieroglyph for Ma'at, which means truth, fact, reality, and certainty. Interestingly enough, the first letter of each symbol forming the great scepter inscribes the acronym WADJ, which in the mdw ntrw means GREEN.

Essentially, PTAH of ancient Tama-re exemplifies the way or the path to the cessation of suffering and the realization/actualization of self-awakening through ma'at (facts, rightness, truth, and/or certainty). Afterwards, the practice towards Liberation would be applied during the 4th and 6th century BCE by Siddhartha Gautama of India, and presently Amun Nub Re Akh Ptah of the west would chart the Right path to Liberation for Nuwaubians worldwide with the advent of the Scroll of Eyes (Wu Nuwaupu), which has always existed in and beyond space, matter, and time (SMAT). Elements of the path begin with the word RIGHT (e.g., Right Knowledge), which highlights soundness, factuality, and/or consistency (ma'at). Human beings are bonded in a continuous flow of reincarnation, wandering on from one state of subtle suffering to another. Life is full of attachments. Nonetheless, the perpetual wandering in the cycle law ceases with liberation or release (i.e., from light to darkness or from Rizqyian to Etherian). Religion, however, is part of the cycle law. The etymology of the word RELIGION (e.g., religio, religare) means to tie back and to restrain. My fellow man and woman you shall know facts and the facts shall liberate you (NUWAUPU = 117 = 13 x 9 = MC^2 = Energy).

Pa Neter Ra (Maat Kheru Im Hotep)
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Why, why, why (Limaatha)
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Pa Neter Ra
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