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Default "Gadur" The Law Of Fate - (Taken form the Mind scroll)

The Law Of Fate

28 The Law Of Fate, My
Child There Is h Law In
Physics That States, _
29 "For Every Action
There Is An Equal
Opposite Reaction. ''
30 To Express
Popularly, It Is said That
What Goes Around,
Comes Around. ''
Mashiakh Whom Ye
Christians Call Jesus, And
Ye Muhammadan Call Isa,
Who Is Known Spiritual)
As SANANDA Taught,

Do Unto Others As You
Would Have Them Do Unto

32 These Are Ail
Expressions Of The Law
Of Fate, Of Cause And
33 Whatever Thought Or
Deed Comes From A
9erson Will Be Returned

34 It May Not Come In
The Same Form,
35 But Sooner Or Later
Each Person Will
Confront The Result Of
His Or Her Own Actions.

A Generous And Giving
Person Immediately
Draws A Response Of
Warmth And Love. If
The Person Is Hateful,
He Or She Will Be
Disliked – Until He
Or She Removes This
Negative Quality .
This – Is – Law.

36 These Reactions Are -
Not Always Experienced
3 7 Sometimes Enosite,
38 Reactions Are Not
Easily Learned,
39 And Negative Patterns
May Be Concentrated For
Many Years .
40 A Single Lifetime My

41 May Not Be Sufficient
For One To Obtain
42 Some People Create A
Hell For Themselves.
43 This Is Why Some
People May Have It Hard;
44 And Others Have It

45 One Healthy And
Another Is Crippled
46 One Is Cheerful And :
Another Depressed. One
Extroverted And The
Other Introverted. One
Successful And The Other

47 It Is Neither Cruel
Fate, Nor A Distant: And
Unconcerned Fate,
48 That Set The Stage For
These Situations,
49 But One's Own Fate,

50 As Revealed To Our
Servant Ahmad,
51 Who Is Called In
Tones Akhmad,
51 And In Rhythm
52 Who Is The Son Of
Abdullat And Amina,
53 It Is He Who Received
El's Qur'aan From The
Anunnaqi Eloheem

54 He Who Bears The
Title Gabri ' el,
55 The Son Of Rasi'el
And Zamma' el,
56 Where It States In The
Original Order The 92nd
Chapter, The 79th Verse
In Part:

Whatever Good Happens To
You, It Is From The Source.
Allah, And Whatever Evil
Happens To You. So It Is
From Nafsika “your Ownself;…

57 An ENOSITE'S Life
Is His Or Her Own
Responsibility .

Taken from the Mind scroll by the Author named Dr. Malachi Z. York

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