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Default The word is God

Peace be unto you all,

The main purpose of reasoning (logic) is to arrive at the truth of things. Truth has two essential forms: (a) ontological and (b) logical. Ontological truth is the truth of being or existence. On the other hand, logical truth is the truth of statements. Like truth, objective facts have two basic characteristics: (a) things and (b) events. Nevertheless, facts can be both objective and subjective, in which a subjective fact is limited to a person’s experience, which is more so particular rather than universal. According to the Quraan, there are three levels of certainties (sound right reason). The first level is certainty of knowledge. The second level is certainty of vision (eye of certainty). The third level is certainty of truth. Certainty of Truth is the surest way to establish factualness of a thing because one is in its presence. Each thought electrically and magnetically shaped in the human mind can be traced to an object independent of his/her mind. When ideas and thoughts come to mind, they are subjective evocations of objective facts, things, or events. For example, God and Devil, relative to the human mind, are subjective evocations of objective facts and things in space, matter, and time. This explains why Atum-Re, the master Teacher, said that the past is still out there.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the word was God” is a coded message explaining the logical link of a word, an idea, and a thought, which are traceable to a thing. In other words, first came the word, and then the idea associated with the word, and then the thing or object matched with the word. Human beings are to be ever mindful of the origin of words, ideas, and thoughts and also mindful that ideas owe their existence to things remote of the mind. Furthermore, a closer examination of the word formula (silsilah) “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God” reveals the three levels of certainties. First, we learn that in the beginning was the word (knowledge of certainty, 120 degrees). Second, we learn that the word was with God (certainty of vision, 240 degrees). Third, we learn that the word was God (certainty of truth by presence, 360 degrees or 0 degree, cipher). There is no truth more certain than being in the presence of its source or origin. Certainty coming from direct knowledge, direct observation, and direct experience are the means for arriving at the truth of things. Each certainty is governed by a characteristic of logic (law of gravity/density). For example, on planet Earth, a solid directs force in a downward direction only, a liquid directs force in a downward and lateral direction, and a gas directs force in all directions. You must learn to defy logic using the science of wbn (wu bu nu or wu-nu-bu). It is the science that built the pyramids. It is the science of building from the top down. The Great Seal symbol on the dollar bill displays the science of wbn (wu bu nu), which means to rise in radiance. However, you have forgotten and abandoned your science wbn (wu bu nu) and are now trapped in the logic of the lower self (Devil). As radiant energy (codes) enters the several atmospheres of the planet earth it bends in and becomes trapped and is defined as what you call LIGHT. As light leaves or is released via the several atmospheres of the planet earth it bends up, becomes radiant energy, and shoots toward the source or origin of thoughts and ideas.

Pa Neter Ra (Incarnate son of the builder Gods)
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