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Post The purpose of noone science - a message to the detractors

Listen to Reason! Truth is knowledge, and knowledge is correct information. truth is correct information about any person, place, or thing whosoever. Truth is not confined just to religion or spiritual science; it can be knowledge or correct information about anything. But the particular truth that THE MENTAL DEAD and those persons in mental, spiritual, and physical captivities need, is truth about Absolute Nature and The Laws of Nature needed for mental, spiritual, and physical life and security. peoples need to know their origins and that of others and what is required by Nature for survival, longer life, and better living indeed in peace and harmony with each other. It is written that we shall eventually know The TRUTH and The TRUTH will set us FREE. Noone pronounced Noon is the kind of TRUTH we all need for mental resurrection and liberation from ADVERSE FORCES such as ONE - SIDED RACISM, DISEASE, POVERTY, and HUNGER as Time progresses. TRUTH is KNOWLEDGE, and KNOWLEDGE is CORRECT INFORMATION; therefore , TRUTH is CORRECT INFORMATION. NOONE pronounced NOON IS TRUTH. LET it be known!

Listen to Reason! Another reason why this SCIENCE is so CONTROVERSIAL ( disagreeable to many ) is the fact that it DISCLOSES IDENTITIES and gives DEFINITIONS of PERSONS and PLACES and THINGS plus their ORIGINS. Notwithstanding, the purpose of Noone ( like The Science in this book ) is neither to BELITTLE anyone's RELIGION nor DEGRADE his or her GOD; the purpose of NOONE is neither to DISCREDIT any person, or group of persons, or race of persons nor DISPARAGE his or her FORCES of ORIGIN. The purposes of Noone ( The Science in this volume ) are TO DISCLOSE CORRECT INFORMATION and HELP COUNTERACT THE GRAVE NATURE - IGNORANCE AND EVIL SPELLS that The NEGATIVE FORCES of EVOLUTION, STRANGE RELIGIONS, and also ALIEN CULTURES have heaped upon The ETHIOPIAN RACE and CAUSED this once GREAT, CULTURE - PRODUCING, CULTURE - GIVING, ETHNIC RACE to be in CAPTIVITY, MENTALLY, SPIRITUALLY, PHYSICALLY, and ECONOMICALLY All over PLANET EARTH. Let it be remembered always and let it be known !
Moving From Point 3 South to Point 9 North!
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Pa Neter Ra Pa Neter Ra is offline
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Default Nuwaupu

Greetings children of Eritoo (planet Earth),

NUWAUPU equals 117, which is 1+1+7 = 9. Moreover, the product of 117 is 13 x 9. Symbolically, the product 13 x 9 renders the equation for the transformation of mass into energy that is M x C^2 (13 x 3^2 = 13 x 9). Essentially, this translates into NUWAUPU, which is the Science of Sound Right Reason.

Pa Neter Ra

13 x 9
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13

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knowledge, noone noopooh, overstanding, resurrection science, spiritual truth

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