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Default Paradigm Shift

Greetings philosophers, scientists, laymen, and kosmosans…

What is a paradigm? A paradigm is a philosophical and theoretical framework of a scientific discipline in which theories, laws, experiments, etc., done in the upkeep or maintenance of them are articulated (Mish, 2005). The word paradigm comes from the Greek word paradeiknynai, which means "to show side by side." For instance, when one examines the back of the U.S. one dollar bill, he/she will see The Great Seal of the United States placed side by side i.e. the truncated pyramid labeled "The Great Seal" on the left and the eagle "Of The United States" on the right. Thus, the implication is a paradigm, which can be a philosophical and theoretical framework of any kind. As a wheel spins on its axis, on either face of the spinning wheel the nature of paradox (to think side by side) becomes apparent e.g. one face appears to be spinning clockwise, whereas the opposite face appears to be spinning counterclockwise. This present a dilemma among other paradigms and thus consensus of any kind can be very difficult to achieve; especially among academe guided by different paradigms. Paradigms undergo change. The history of Astronomy is a good example in regards to the comparison between the geocentric paradigm and the heliocentric paradigm. We are taught that the geocentric paradigm (Ptolemaic system) was wrong and that the heliocentric paradigm (Copernican system) is right. In essence, the heliocentric paradigm was more appealing to the academe of that time than the geocentric paradigm. What appeared to be the desertion of the geocentric paradigm, brought about a paradigm change-shift in the history of Astronomy. All paradigms must eventually undergo metamorphosis. Kuhn (1996) explains,

Therefore, at times of revolution, when the normal-scientific tradition changes, the scientist’s perception of his environment must be re-educated—in some familiar situations he must learn to see a new gestalt. After he has done so the world of his research will seem, here and there, incommensurable with the one he had inhabited before. That is another reason why schools guided by different paradigms are always slightly at cross-purposes [italics added] (p. 112)
Throughout my experience in this world, I often ponder why our people are always at odds. I have come to realize that the root of our strife (as a people) is embedded and deeply convoluted in various paradigms. So, we must learn to walk a long walk on a short path. I have learned to appreciate the right knowledge and experience that Amun Nebu Ra Akh Ptah has came to give us. "I came giving you what you want, so that you may learn to want what I came to give" is a saying that reflects upon paradigm change or shift i.e. it is better to give than to receive. Furthermore, I am appreciative to Noble Drew Ali, The Hon. Marcus Garvey, and The Hon. Elijah Muhammed for laying the groundwork for the imminent paradigm shift. The revolution (paradigm change) is scientific; as it was in the beginning, so shall it be in the end. Planet Earth prepare for a wide berth!

Pa Neter Ra (Seventh Prince)
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I want to thank you


Kuhn, T. (1996). The structure of scientific revolutions (3rd ed.). London: The University of Chicago Press.
Pa Neter Ra
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