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Default The World Energy Grid Re-visited

Greetings grandchildren of planet Earth (Erithoo), children of the Eloheem.

The Quraan has 114 chapters (19 x 6). As you know, this value is a multiple of the number 19. The Holy Bible also has a construct based in mathematical principle. As you may not know, the word HOLY BIBLE reads EL BIB YLOH in reflection. This phrase alludes to the Semitic term al-Bab Ilah or EL Bab Eloh, the door of Eloah (God). The door of God (Holy Bible) contains two testaments that currently total 66 books. The Old Testament contains 39 books; while the New Testament contains 27 books. Together they reveal the radius of planet Earth, which is approximately 3927 miles. When this distance is multiplied by two and then multiplied by PI (i.e., 3.15) the result renders the mean circumference of your planet called Earth, then called Tiamat.

Furthermore, the common multiple for each book is the numeral three. Hence, the ratio 39:27 equals 13:9. This is interesting because we see a theme rooted in the numerals 13 and 9. They both allude to the meso-American worldview of 13 upper worlds and 9 underworlds. This is the basis of heaven and hell. Over the course of time, the numbers flip-flop or reciprocate in the same manner that your sun’s magnetic poles do. Bruce Cathie has done some excellent mathematical research into the world’s magnetic grid (Tamery, the magnet in the sky). He maintains that the pulse of the universe is based on a harmonic of 695. And it is from the reciprocation of this harmonic pulse that the value for the light harmonic, 144, was derived.

But you must ask yourself. Where did Bruce Cathie get his information? I presented this inquiry, a decade ago, because I saw a similar mathematical construct in the ratios 9 to 13 and 13 to 9. For instance:

9/13 = .692307692308

The reciprocal is simply, 13 to 9.

13/9 = 1.44 ad infinitum

So you see that we can extract harmonics 692 and 144 based on ancient meso-American worldview. The symbolic connection that harmonics 692 (9/13) and 144 (13/9) have with the world and solar grids is Einstein’s model relating mass and energy. And as you know, the symbolic relationship is MC^2 = 13 x 3^2 = 13 x 9.

Inscribed by: Nebu Atun-Re (NAR)
The Elements, Mathematics, and Arithmetic (T-E-M-ARI)
9 x 13
Pa Neter Ra
By Teaching, We Learn
9 x 13

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